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Artwork Department

Confidential Records Presents: RVNNERS

RVNNERS is a four piece band set to release its debut EP of uplifting indie pop anthems. The band’s soaring music and introspective lyrics blend the emotional intensity of The 1975

Confidential Records presents: Kyle Wallace

After years of influence from playing the local scene as a guitarist, crossing paths with fellow musicians, countless scrapped song ideas, and a wealth of inspiration from the recorded genius

Our visit to Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary

https://www.facebook.com/confidentialrec/videos/237233350521511/?hc_ref=ARS1YaYqXBeRgHzjwrqc81HkFLhcFfdxJG31XLx86nXt4nENPRSKfB7bZ6cjk8pelw8&__xts__=68.ARD1rNZBzOm8xo5TXI3PuRH5-d06ttvywCKtyedb6CZQM11NhaTZ-tI8znoYnUqnJPhWWEOjz3j9WToleKU9-dzQUPtSuzeGZACUTee5ZsjY94MGYI7_T2bnSB9tfeNGdG47kf8K6sEEvTSdMCAuT8vwrLEioqJI0J5WwtalImdCwjEPBBo8DO35GfWlcbjrQPS_MPmnHT2Q3dpemIvV46RuFdB9Mo20t65qt8Fx91kDrsn_X4GZUqMmDoezKbJu37zQMXyK1ahqoBvlkkPGYvqOQpztYrVVbpV_bem0DqGOE8vx2BqS6AQiXeO-NQD6q9CX0yRaveOmdFjlRhjNq9BhuMMx1m9Eo7Ux30nG_DB0Dx4M5jzv4yqfVVpxhcSpINjob0ijcUOkhIr45n98qeJuLEbM8i1U85xCLV1T9wxgoWMxnu5RBFtWWGVi2uK17epj96DLwM2OGVHDffXdlOEq66j_3bZcfR-2rc--8P1O1lR-BXV1KChpACDUEnbM9MEv7kSnd-EeVoYnGPpxD7yBXnEDJINbMnYZW0rSyp6-NfqllID1cC6LmfsEuwG7JsQVBNqCZCRzCb7XnvfNr6nn3sjuHR_240m2860&__tn__=FC-R On January 19th, Confidential Records, The Commoners, and Kyle Wallace were able to meet some of the animals we would be supporting at Dog Tales! Check out the video

Confidential Records


Confidential Records is an entirely student-run record label and events company. Since 1997, Artist Management students at the Harris Institute have been using their newly acquired skills to promote the artists that are managed throughout the course. The final project is a showcase concert in Toronto, with exclusive new recordings.

Confidential Records has proven itself to be an intensive training ground for Canada’s future music industry leaders. Former staff have gone on to hold high level positions at leading record labels, publishing companies, government grant bodies and management companies across the world. No wonder the school has been rated by Billboard magazine as the highest ranking Music Industry School in Canada. Meet the future of your Canadian music industry – come to a Confidential Records showcase event.

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