Inna Powell independently releases “The Vanishing Act” June 10th, 2016

An  acute, compelling performance finds Inna  Powell’s anxious, soft-spoken persona  carefully coming to terms with himself.  The  alt-folk  solo  act backed by  a  four-piece  band  from  Toronto  has channeled  the  influence  of songwriters  such  as  Connor  Oberst, Sufjan Stevens and Land of Talk.

Front-person  Inna  Powell,  a  six-foot,  unassuming  powerhouse,  who carefully calls out from their title track I Know I Pray to God,  “I heard you speak when you thought I was asleep”. The opening line  has  the  songwriter  holding  his heart  close  to  his  sleeve  with memorable warmth that directs the Vancouver-born artist back to his roots.

“The Vanishing Act” is an immaculate record, thick with harmony and  interplay.  His  band  unifies  grounded  licks,  hip-hop  beats, and  emo vocals,  presenting a musical  experience  of  undeniable storytelling. Inna  Powell  captures situational  nostalgia  as  he  watches  his  youth fade in the rearview mirror and becomes longing for grace.

Confidential Records and sister management company 2Spoons Mgmt. are proud to assist Inna Powell as he releases his debut record “The Vanishing Act”.

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