Jordan Mowat


Jordan Mowat is from  Mississauga and is an Ojibwe from Alderville First Nation, ON, Born September 8th, 1994, Jordan’s music runs through both sides of his family.  His father is a Blues Musician who has been performing well over 30 years. His father continues to spend his career mastering the Harmonica and training his raw, powerful, singing voice to emulate blues legends like Howlin’ Wolf.  His mother is a talented singer.

At a young age, Jordan Mowat was making home-made drum kits out of pots and pans, using wooden spoons as drum sticks.  He would rock to the tunes of AC/DC, Kid Rock, Steppen Wolf, The Eagles, and more.

It wasn’t until he was seven that he got his first drum kit for Christmas.  He would continue to play for about eight years, until he moved to the guitar and discovered his voice. Throughout high school, he took vocal classes which helped him develop his vocal ability.  He started writing his own music when he was seventeen years old, and has been writing music ever since.  He loves to compose music, and his main goal is to make music that would leave people wanting more.

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