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This management team consisted of a dynamic two-man band, Cameron Moss & Emmanuel Lozano, who offered advice and consultation to uprising artists Dylan Cohen and Melissa Lamm. Up to showcase date, they were both able to strategically assist Dylan Cohen in presenting his first ever stage performance at The 80’s Boogie Down Event.



BAMM Management, currently called Hugs & Handshakes, is comprised of members Josh Samson, Lucas Tennen and Francesco Vallecorsa (2 Managers & 1 Artist).


416 Entertainment

A management company devoted to developing urban and singer songwriter acts, founded by Riehl Syme and Kyle Martin.

They are currently managing Dana Ben David.

For inquiries contact [email protected]


Replay Value Management

A management group founded by Thea McKay, who is dedicated to developing alternative rock bands based in Toronto.

Currently, Thea is working on managing her own career.

For inquiries contact [email protected]


Lunar Glimpse

Lunar Glimpse is a rock music company founded by Bryer Hildebrandt.

He is currently manages Ogary.

For inquiries contact [email protected]


Foreign Signs

Foreign Signs is a management company that is looking to develop urban acts from all over the world.

They currently manage Lisandro S. Leon, Chriss Andre, Kelsey Vaz and Jordan Mowat

For inquiries contact @foreignsignsent


Apollo and Aphrodite

Apollo and Aphrodite are a management group that is open to developing a variety of music genres. Apollo and Aphrodite were founded by Gene Ryan Albury and Nicole Cormier.

They currently manage PHAZE

For inquiries contact [email protected]


FourFour Management

AKA Julien Staniewski, Zara Abbasi, and Brooke Argueta.


2Spoons Mgmt

Matteo Massai, Shelley Sumairsingh and Jacob Myhal

The Post Office – Music & Sound Design Agency