November Term 3 AMP Management Teams


This management team consisted of a dynamic two-man band, Cameron Moss & Emmanuel Lozano, who offered advice and consultation to uprising artists Dylan Cohen and Melissa Lamm. Up to showcase date, they were both able to strategically assist Dylan Cohen in presenting his first ever stage performance at The 80’s Boogie Down Event.


BAMM Management

BAMM Management, currently called Hugs & Handshakes, is comprised of members Josh Samson, Lucas Tennen and Francesco Vallecorsa (2 Managers & 1 Artist). Josh and Francesco offered assistance and preparatory guidance to Mr. Tennen, whom is the lead vocalist of indie rock band, Whiplash Girlchild. This versatile band performed as well at The 80’s Boogie Down showcase as the main act. They will be dropping their first album on 4/20 2018. Get ready for their new music guys!!!