Gloomy (born Connor Donnachie on July 28th, 1996 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) is a Toronto-based Emo Rap/Alternative R&B artist who’s music documents life experiences in relation to love and loss, loneliness, fear, hope and nostalgia. Gloomy’s music is eccentric and experimental, mimicking the likes of Lil Peep and XXXTentacion with melancholy notes and emotional lyricism which compliment the melodic structure of his tracks. Recently releasing “Interstellar Thoughts”, Gloomy’s 3rd studio album is an emotionally-charged, energetic, strong conceptual work, guaranteed to intrigue the most passive of listeners. You can enjoy Gloomy’s discography by searching “Gloomy” on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, Soundcloud and Youtube Music, and follow him @ “gloomy_cd” on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates.


Ocevnside Clvb (born Anastasia Petrova) is a Toronto-based alternative R&B artist. Focused on creating deep, melancholy and emotional soundtracks, Ocevnside draws inspiration from Toronto’s vibrant music scene. Her music primarily depicts her own experiences of growing into adulthood, and the topics of love, lust, desire and heartbreak are heavily prevalent in her music. Ocevnside’s vision is to allow her listeners to understand and grow into their sense of self through allowing themselves to feel every emotion fully. As said by herself “feeling and emotion is what makes us who we are; our ability to analyze our own feelings helps us grow as people – I’ve just chosen to communicate mine through art”. An avid advocate for the performing arts, Ocevnside Clvb credits her artistic vision to her classical upbringing – performing with Hamilton Children’s Choir since the age of 11 and playing piano since the age of 13, her extensive performing background has taught her the valuable lesson of connecting with an audience on a personal level.

With early influences of Sonder, Always Never, Sabrina Claudio, Kiana Lede and the Weeknd amongst others, Ocevnside Clvb was able to develop a personal sound that pays tribute to her upbringing as an artist and musician.

Recently releasing “The One” as the lead single of of her up-and-coming EP “The Art of Loving You”, Ocevnside Clvb’s fans can expect nothing less of an emotionally-charged, melancholy, nostalgic and captivating conceptual work. As for now, you can enjoy Ocevnside’s current discography by searching “Ocevnside Clvb” on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal and Youtube Music, and follow her @ocevnsideclvb on Instagram for the latest updates.


Two Electro-Heads coming together to provide you with the newest and hottest dance and bass tracks. The RAYVID duo has decided to remain anonymous, yet provides an intriguing backstory. However, this does not depict who the masked people are. One half of RAYVID grew up in an outskirt town named Woodbridge, 30 minutes from the city of Toronto. The masked phenomenon was not born into a musical family which doesn’t give us any clues to their character. Their family was an average working Canadian family like any other. This individual went to elementary school where they really enjoyed music and started exploring different styles of music. Thus how the genre was chosen. Curious at the genre “Electronic”, they scrolled through the charts and fell in love as the music flowed through their body. Making them want to dance and move around. Though this was simply a fantasy of, “How could I make a career in music with no musical background or knowledge?”. A couple of years had gone by, and the music became a legitimate career choice. So they went for it, therefore attending Harris institute. Yet he or she is still unknown. The other half of RAYVID grew up in the suburbs or Scarborough, just north of Toronto. Interestingly enough, they did not grow up in a musical family either. They learned off the sole desire of wanting to be apart of the music. Growing up with a father who pushed Classic Rock onto his kids, it was really all that was introduced. Until one evening, their older sister was in her bedroom while playing upbeat electronic music which they had never heard before. Intrigued, they asked their sister about the genre, what her favourite DJ’s are, and her favourite songs. With this, they entered the cave known as EDM and never came out. Exploring different sub-genres, studying the differences while always trying to find the best tracks of the week. After years of delving into the genre, they decided to further their knowledge of music by also attending Harris Institute. As of now, the two masked machines have geared their focus to bring you a memorable electronic experience like no other. 

The Vidos

Anyone who personally knows The Vidos can tell you one thing with utter certainty: they’re weird. They talk almost exclusively in fragments of obscure movies. They write songs about exploding cars, exploding shoes, and Bill Clinton… exploding. They lived on a bus for over 200 days after moving from Vancouver to Toronto without a plan (or money). To some, this is stupidity. To all: this is ENTERTAINMENT. And entertain they do. With the firecracker duo of frontman/bassman Brett Douglas + mononymous guitar-god Swayzelhoff dancing up a storm as dynamo drummer Nolan Nielsen lays down groove after tasty groove, their live show has truly made this act one to watch in the world of up-and-coming Canadian music.

With the aid of producer Danny Craig (Whale and the Wolf, The Classy Chassys, Default), The Vidos harness this undeniable funk n’ roll energy into razor-sharp cuts like “Perfect Stranger” and “Criminals”, drawing comparisons to anything from Rage Against The Machine to Mother Mother to Al Green. The band has so far cracked the top 40 on the Canadian Active Rock chart twice, once in 2016 with “Car Trouble” (off the “8 Min” EP), followed by “Perfect Stranger” in 2017. Their new material, set to release over the course of 2019 + 2020, shows dashes of soul and hip-hop sensibility under layers of fuzzed-out guitars and sharp, sarcastic vocals. Their most recent release, June 2019’s “Ice Cream Dream”, features Rami Jaffee of The Wallflowers + Foo Fighters on organ + synthesizer.

Olivia Mae Graham

Olivia Mae Graham is an Singer/Songwriter/Musician/ Performer from Frogmore, Ontario.
By age 10 Graham has become a seasoned performer guest and opening act at the Backstage Capitol Theatre in Delhi, The Hideaway Restaurant in Langton, Red Oaks Travel Park and at The Sand Hills Park in Port Burwell. For the past Three years she hosted and performed at the Youth Stage as well as on the Community stage, and Main Stage at the Lynn River Music and Arts Festival in Simcoe Ontario.
Back in 2016 Graham was in the Top Three for HMA’s (Hamilton Music Awards) Rising Artist of the year.
Graham is currently a student at Harris Institute for the Arts in Toronto, Ontario.

Click here to Visit her Facebook Page: OLIVIA Mae Graham


Lexxicon has a sound that is mix between Sean Paul & Jason Derulo, growing up in Toronto he’s a Jamaican/Canadian R&B artist with a diverse range of influences. Growing in a very religious household he only came into contact with secular music during high school while he did a musical theater program. 

Despite feeling lost during his time in University, music is what kept him going through all the exams, essays and loss of close family members. Majorly influenced by Rihanna and Vybz Kartel he won’t be afraid to take musical risks and will continue to use music and photography as self-expression.

As a determined songwriter Lexxicon is continually in the studio writing music and will continue to release projects that get you in the mood to move and have a good time. 

Click here to go to his OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Lexxicon


GORGG is an Electronica/Alternative rock Project from Tehran, based in Toronto. The band’s led by Koohyar Habibi, the Producer/Songwriter, and Paria Forouzesh on Keys-Synthesizers. Both Koohyar and Paria found their passion in early childhood and started studying western and eastern classical music from the age of twelve at Tehran Conservatory. After passing a few phases of musical education, Koohyar decided to combine cultural elements, formed “GORGG” to present those ideas as innovative Art concept, and later moved to Canada to further develop the band as an International Act. They will release their self-titled Debut EP, in July 2018 and their music can be best described as dream-like atmospheres along with modal harmonic progressions in a minimal structure.

Check Out their Website: GORGG


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