Songwriting 101: Craftsmanship

Hello, fellow Harris students! Today I would like to direct your attention towards something that makes our world go round – the art of song. Single-handedly, songs are the reason we are all here today, and no music industry of any sort could ever exist without the songs. What I’m here to do is give you a couple of pointers on how to get better at songwriting.

  1. Respect The Craft

My songwriting immediately started improving the minute I accepted the fact that there are some rules to writing great songs. What’s more, there are some incredibly successful people out there who are willing to share what they know. If you’re serious about writing successful music (i.e. songs that meet industry standards and can have commercial success), get serious about the craft. Respect it, make learning a continual process and don’t try to reinvent every wheel. It’s actually really fun. 

2. Craftsmanship does NOT mean “Selling Out”

Talk to some successful people in various fields. You’ll notice that those who have succeeded in something generally tell you success is absolutely possible with hard work and a commitment to continual learning. The fear of producing a worse quality product as a result of learning a craft better is completely backwards. Once you have the creative tools under your command, you’re free to really write your best work. And yes, to a degree you might sound more “generic”, but you have to understand that great songwriting still follows a formula.