Speakeasy Post Show

Thank you to everyone who got to share the magical night with us!

To the drinks shared, the prizes won, and the music heard, the night was an honour to share with you all! Before the night had begun, the venue was already at capacity, a feat done by very few. Though there are many to thank in the success.

Firstly, thank you to the wonderful performances from Kyle Wallace, RVNNERS, and The Commoner’s who cheerfully supported our cause. All of our sponsors from Riverfest Elora, Long & Mcquade, Live Nation, Arts & Crafts, Universal Music Canada, Bob Roper, Crywolf, and Eureka Hub made sure that the raffle prizes were plenty and gave smiles of cheer and charity.

Thanks to our sponsors, raffle participants, event attendees, bands, and volunteers we were able to raise over $1,684 for the love and care at Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary for abused and neglected animals! We hope to see you all again soon for more nights of music and charity!