Transition to AMP3

Upon enrolling in Harris, most of us felt the same initial emotions; The excitement, the fear; The fear of not knowing what to expect, or where life would take us. But throughout the adventure that has been and always will be Harris, we’ve all grown immensely and probably found ourselves on much different paths than originally planned. Over the last 8 Months we’ve learnt vast amounts of valuable information about the music industry, Discovered things we never knew about ourselves and developed bonds inside and outside of the school that will last a lifetime.

These last few months have put our knowledge to the test and with that knowledge came great responsibility. This term we were handed the keys to Confidential Records and the duty of organizing all events and of course, the final showcase at the end of the program. A showcase composed of artist(s) managed strictly by AMP students within Confidential; And with term 3 quickly approaching, we have lots of work ahead of us to get things prepared.

Stay Tuned!